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Abela The Malta Historical Society is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1950. It is registered as a Voluntary Organisation (Regn. No VO/0722) and as a Legal Person (Regn. No. LPA-46). Its aims are the study of the History of Malta, the diffusion of its knowledge, and the safeguarding of Maltese historical heritage.

In these pages you can access full details of the wide and varied range of the Society's activities.

We welcome all enquiries for membership from those with a commitment to the study of history.

(Picture: Portrait of Gian Francesco Abela - the father of Maltese history, - University of Malta Library)



The Society promotes discussion of history by means of a full programme of public lectures and disseminates the results of historical research and debate through its many publications. It also speaks for the interests of history and historians.


The Alfred Mizzi Foundation The Society welcomes sponsors for its events and is pleased to announce that The Alfred Mizzi Foundation has sponsored the Society's cultural activities for 2012-2013, particularly its public lectures, which fulfil an aim common to both organisations.



  • William Thierens Melitensia
    This website contains information in the form of articles and book reviews on the history and language of Malta published in the numerous academic journals including: Archivio storico di Malta, Scientia (Malta), Melita Historica, Journal of the Faculty of Arts ([Royal] University of Malta), Journal of Maltese Studies and Proceedings of History Week, MHS. Included are also the following thematic sections: Arabs in Malta and Peter Caxaro's Cantilena.
  • Din l-Art Helwa
    Din l-Art Helwa aims to safeguard the historic, artistic and natural heritage of Malta.
  • Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti
    The foundation's aim is to raise awareness of the Maltese Islands' extensive heritage locally and internationally, through museums, exhibitions and publications.
  • Malta Classics Association
    The Association aims to bring back to life the immense treasures of the Greek and Roman civilizations.
  • The Alfred Mizzi Foundation
    - set up in 2004 for the promotion, diffusion and safeguarding of Maltese culture and heritage, education, the environment and social solidarity.